Patient Evaluation

15 to 30 min initial examination (with Non-Invasive Diagnosis, utilizing Chinese Medicine four diagnosis systems including Tongue reading, Pulse diagnosis, Ten questions and  Energy Balance Reading under a Chinese Medical Doctor while reviewing patient’s related medical records (if available). Treatment plan will be recommended.

        Acupuncture 15- 30 min initial examination with 1st treatment (New Patient ) $ 195- $ 215

        Acupuncture  follow-up $95-$105

        Add Cupping  $45

        If a personalized formula is needed, there will be an additional fee of $45 for a new prescription

Herbal Remedy with Customized Formulas

Herbal Consultation  New Patient  $135

Herbal Consultation  Returning Patient $65

Raw Herbal Fee: $15-18/bag

Herbal Capsules : $45/bottle

Service for Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale area