Diane Moses  (Google Review )
My husband went to doctor Zhang’s office experiencing lots of stomach pain. After his first visit he immediately felt a lot better. The doctor is very friendly and made the e experience very comfortable ! We would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone who is not getting relief from other doctors!

James Linton  (Google Review )
What can I say about Dr. Zhang? She is beyond incredible! I started receiving treatment form her after a hiking accident caused 2 herniated disks and 3 bulging disks in my Cervical spine. I was in constant pain and unable to function. Within the first 2 weeks of treatment I had about an 80 % reduction in pain!
I also am grateful that I didn’t rush into surgery and allowed her healing touch to do it’s work. I still see her weekly and it’s the best day of the week!! In addition to my spine issues she has helped other areas like my heart and blood pressure. Lastly, she is incredibly warm, patient, kind, and caring. It is hard to quantify the intangible aspect of how ones presence can affect another. Dr. Zhang has a presence that exudes healing and relaxation. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Zhang if wellness is your goal!!


alex orozco (Google Review )
My wife came to see Dr. Zhang for thyroid problems (thyroid nodule) and after two months of taking acupuncture the results have been incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Zhang .
Thank you Dr. Zhang !

Wendy Ballard  (Google Review)
I highly recommend Dr Zhang. She is an uncommon Dr who really listens and has the skill set to adjust treatment when necessary. I had a sinus infection that was caused by a tooth infection and was made worse by a dentist. I had visited ten different specialists prior to seeing Dr Zhang. None of them were able to help me. I had been on thirteen rounds of antibiotics but the infection and pain persisted. The infection spread from my maxillary sinus to the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses and I was in continuous pain and was scheduled for surgery. Dr Zhang really listened to where the pain was and in a few weeks I was pain free. I am now pain free and did not need that surgery. I highly recommend Dr Zhang because she problem solves and gets to the root of the health issue you go to her with.

Charles Laste (Google Review)
Dr Zhang has been a wonderful help to my emotional and physical challenges, she has been attentive and thorough. I would recommend her treatments also because of her kindness and attentiveness.

Jade Ballard (Google Review )
Dr. Zhang is amazing!! I have been having problems with my GI tract ever since a lower abdominal surgery and have seen countless doctors. Dr. Zhang has been the only person that has been able to help me. She listens to me when I tell her what my symptoms are, and provides herbs and acupuncture treatments accordingly. My mother is also being treated and is seeing major results for her head pain

Carlos Laborin  (Google Review)
Dr Zhang is amazing!!!! She was able to get me off my thyroid medication has taken my kidney function fron 49% of function to 80%. All this has been over 2 half month span. She is now working on my blood pressure and I have no doubt that she will get it to the proper numbers. I highly recommend her to anybody that may have similar issues.

Glenda Molina  (Google Review )

Most Doctors told me that there is no cure for gallbladder pain only surgery. Frustrated with the conventional physicians, I've decided to find the cure somewhere else. I started to go to Acupuncture with Dr. Zhang, she listened to my many health problems and she treated me with acupuncture right away and Chinese herbs that helped. By the time I came back to the next appointment the gallbladder pain was reduced significantly and I got off from pain killers. This is amazing! I totally recommend her.

W C (Google Review )
Dr Zhang knows how to treat mystery and chronic illness where no other have been able to help me. She made my severe PCOS symptoms, migraines, and depression vanish in 2 treatments (that's one week!!), I stopped feeling like a zombie and now I am able to function well at work. I had been dealing with these issues for 7 months and no one seemed able to help, traditional doctors and even naturist just told me to stop eating gluten, dairy, etc. and pretty much only eat vegetables and salad, which does help but it's not a cure for those of us with severe symptoms. Now at 4 weeks of treatment with Dr Zhang, the progress is much better than I anticipated, I was able to get off synthetic hormones. I went to her as a last resort out of desperation but from now on, she will be my first choice of treatment instead of wasting hard earned $ on traditional doctors. Her work is simply amazing and I am sooo glad I found her.


The Jacksons  (Google Review )
Dr. Zhang is very caring and knowledgeable. She was able to help me manage my anxiety, sleep & Eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE) better than any other doctor I had seen in the valley. She was also able to make a difference in my husband's chronic pain.